Boston Portrait Photographer | My Favorite Place for Family Photos in May

SPRING. IS. FINALLY. HERE. There are so many beautiful rural places to get great family photos in the springtime, but I think my answer will surprise you. Boston. More specifically, the South End of Boston. Maybe I am biased because this has been my neighborhood for almost 10 years but I just love the way the whole neighborhood transforms when the magnolia and cherry blossom trees blossom.


The other thing about the South End is that it has so many options. You can find old, new, colorful, muted, and don’t even get me started on the incredible doorways. I often use people’s stoops, and of course, as soon as I sit a family down on someone’s stoop, the resident comes walking in or out. Luckily they are usually super friendly about it.


I find myself photographing the South End/Back Bay neighborhoods in the fall because of the rich browns and cobblestone, but those backdrops really make the blossoms and spring colors pop. Don’t get me wrong, I love Boston in the fall for that reason in particular, but if it’s foliage you are looking for, you won’t find much in the South End. No, the blooms in this neighborhood are totally meant for spring.


Almost equally as important a perk as the gorgeous scenery? The outdoor patios. I love when my clients plan on heading to dinner at one of the outdoor patios after our session. Luckily we have a lot of awesome families in the South End, so it usually isn’t a problem finding one that is kid friendly – my favorite is Picco. Best pizza in Boston AND they make their own ice cream. Done.

Boston Portrait Photographer | Victoria and family in the city

Victoria is another one of our Class of 2018 Senior Reps! We were so excited to shoot with her and her family, mostly because we already knew how much fun they were. We photographed her older brother Chris last year in the same location. We always encourage our high school seniors to bring siblings, friends, or Mom on their sessions. Victoria’s senior session was a little different because we also were having a family session with her family at the beginning!


She got to have Mom, Dad, and Chris cracking jokes and making her smile while she posed for her solo shots later on in the shoot. We met the Cataldo family at Boston Common and started with some group shots on the benches to get everyone relaxed. There were lots of laughter and inside jokes being thrown around between the two siblings, which of course made Mom and Dad laugh too.


As we made our way out of the park, and into Back Bay, we stopped to use some of the city's’ unique architecture as our backdrop; the mall, the brownstones, the wrought-iron fences.


As the shoot turned into Victoria’s senior shoot, we started to focus more on Victoria’s passion - dance. We are convinced that one day we will see her as the prima ballerina in one of the world’s most prestigious dance companies.


Boy does she have skill and drive! We don’t normally show our clients photos during the shoot, but for Victoria, it was important to see her form and how it photographed. And the results are stunning!


We ended the shoot on the Charles right as the sun was about to touch the water. People passing by were convinced we were shooting a movie or advertisement, and that Victoria was a celebrity. We can see how they thought so!

Boston Portrait Photographer | Newborn Twins in Back Bay


In their cozy of Back Bay home, we met Shannon, her husband Daryl, and their newborn twins for a truly special photoshoot. The twins had come earlier than planned, and were just 5 lbs each. But as the saying goes, good things come in small packages. We started out the photoshoot in the twins’ nursery that was designed by Shannon.


With a palette of creams, gold, silver, and rose gold, as well as stars and furs scattered throughout the room, the nursery was the embodiment of Shannon’s vision for the photoshoot. The twins were just beginning to nod off as we swaddled the two of them in soft pink and blue wraps.


As we started the shoot, Oscar the cat slunk his way into the room. He sat patiently and watched us as we worked, keeping a watchful eye over his new roommates. Halfway though, Grandma popped in to see how her new grandchildren were doing, and found them fast asleep comfy in the fabric and fur that was their background.


After finishing in the nursery, Shannon, Daryl, the twins, and even Oscar joined us in Mom and Dad’s room. The family piled onto the bed and snuggled close, again surrounded in the pinks and creams that Shannon so thoughtfully decorated with.


The results reflect the warmth and love found in their home. Congratulations Shannon and Daryl on your growing family!

Boston Family Photographer | Chicago Family Visits the East Coast to Create Lasting Memories


One of our favorite places to photograph is the Boston Public Library courtyard. It is a hidden gem in Back Bay, and we had a blast photographing the Tashima Family there. They were all visiting from Chicago and Ohio, and we are so happy they picked Boston for their family photos. They were on a New England vacation together, and Boston was a stop on their way to Bar Harbor, Maine.

No one was safe from these cuties tickles and laughter!

We like to play a game called, “What’s your favorite animal?” which always entails silly animal noises. The kids’ favorite animals were zebras and penguins, leading to neighs, squawking, and chirping. The jury is still out on what a penguin sounds like.


We took a short walk down the street to some of our favorite brownstones and the fun did not stop. From Copley Square to Beacon Street the kids were giggling and smiling the whole way.


Mom and Dad got cozy under a tree and the kids snuggled in. We love capturing these special moments a family has together!

Boston Phographer | Back Bay Watch Co Officially Launches!!!

Back Bay Watch Co lifestyle photo shoot

Back Bay Watch Co lifestyle photo shoot

I am so so excited for the launch of this new Boston brand, Back Bay Watch Co!!! Why? Well partly because I had the honor of doing all the photography, but way more importantly because I BELIEVE in this company. I believe in the product, the integrity, and the proud owner, Mike Lembo. I personally watched Mike pour over every little detail of the watch, making sure the color, quality, and design was PERFECT.  Guys, how often to I dedicate a whole post to a specific brand or product? (answer: almost never). I love these watches. Here’s a bit about the company and quality:

Owned and operated by proud Bostonian, Michael Lembo, Back Bay Watch Company is a collection of Boston centric men’s and women’s watches that capitalize on the classic look and feel of the city.
Inspired by the well-known style of the historic Back Bay, with blocks of brownstones, recognizable gold domes, and cozy neighborhoods, each Back Bay watch is intended to represent the city’s staple features that will never go out of style. Named after the iconic streets of the Back Bay, the watches are perfect for those who share their passion for Beantown.
A watch enthusiast since an early age, Michael grew up in Waltham, MA, coincidentally named “The Watch City” for its long association with the watch industry. Michael designs each watch using elements of the favorites from his own collection. Created using top-notch materials like Japan movement, 316L stainless steel, and genuine leather, Back Bay watches can be dressed down while watching Sunday Night Football, add a touch of class for a business meeting, or be the finishing touch for a night on the town.


Mike, owner, and Karen

Mike, owner, and Karen

I can’t go on and on without mentioning Mike’s incredible girlfriend Karen, who works so hard behind the scenes and specifically on our lifestyle shoot in (where else) Back Bay! I loved this photo shoot for so many reasons (beautiful people don’t hurt), but mostly because these watches are SO Back Bay. They fit so perfectly against the brownstone colors and textures. Below are some of my favorite shots, and of course a few behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes with Karen

Behind the scenes with Karen

Behind the scenes with Mike

Behind the scenes with Mike

Fall style

Fall style

I can talk talk talk, but we all know actions speak louder than words…  I wear my white pearl Berkeley everyday :)

Please click here to go check out their site that just launched today!

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Boston Photographer | Fashion Editoral Senior Portraits

What a great senior season! For those of you who don’t know, this is just my second year of launching my high school senior portrait sessions. This is not your traditional senior portrait, no, this is a full on modeling experience. They are fashion magazine inspired, styled to fit each individual, and as much about the experience as it is about the end result.

My senior ladies totally ROCKED it this year, and I couldn’t have asked for better models. They stepped it up with fashion, style, and PERSONALITY. Thanks to Robert Jason Salon for their commitment to creating some of these beautiful, natural looks. I’ll let the video below speak for itself, but a huge THANK YOU to you beauties for making my job so much fun. So much love to you all Class of 2016

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Boston Portrait Photography | Romantic Portraits along Back Bay and the Charles

I received an inquiry from Shohreh who wanted to have a portrait session with her husband, Kayhan to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. They will only be in Boston for a few years and really wanted to capture the beauty and history of the city. I was thrilled about this for a lot of reasons, but my top two are:

1.     How many people have a 10 year anniversary portrait session!? Not nearly enough! They are going to look back at this album another 10 years from now and remember every step of this romantic walk in a city they lived in for a few years of their lives.

2.     I am so consumed by constantly searching for locations, that I often easily forget how amazing my Back Bay/South End neighborhood is for a backdrop. I refuse to move for a reason… I am in LOVE with this neighborhood, the brownstones, the winding streets, the uneven brick sidewalk, and especially the different colored doors and walls.


Shohreh and Kayhan sent me their ideas and clearly explained what they wanted to capture, including closeups, candids, brownstones, cobblestone, nature, city, sun flare, and historical elements. It sounds like a lot to deliver, but knowing what they imagined was amazingly helpful when planning our two mile route through the best parts of Boston’s Back Bay and Beacon Hill.


We walked down Commonwealth Ave and Marlborough Street (an essential Back Bay brownstone walk), stopping on some doorsteps, then cut through the public garden and through some great side streets in Beacon Hill before landing in Acorn Alley for a few shots.


At this point the sun was fading, so we headed over to the Charles River and ducked into the cherry blossom trees just in time to capture (my personal favorite) some gorgeous dreamy images of them snuggling together as the sun set behind them. So sweet.