Boston Interior Photographer | The Best Tablescapes You've Never Seen Before

What a busy fall for the Boston design community! Just a week after the Boston Show House opened, was the first ever Heading Home to Dinner, to raise money for a great cause, Heading Home. Of course, good friend and 3 Olives and a Twist writer, Beth Daigle and I were there for the opening night cocktail party to support friends and clients. Head over to her blog to see and read more.

Whether you weren't able to make it, or just need a little Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration, I was in awe of the creativity behind these bar carts and tables. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Table by  Renee Rucci  Design

Table by Renee Rucci Design

Table by Pamela Copeman

Table by Pamela Copeman



Boston Interior Photographer | Boston Designer Show House 2017

 The first thing I noticed when I walked into this year's Designer Show House was the COLOR! Not in your face, over the top color; beautiful, strategically placed, just-the-right-amount of color. What I love about this is how relatable it is. A well designed space has to be functional, but the icing on the cake that really ups the WOW factor is the aesthetics. We first walked into this impressive pink foyer designed by Cutting Edge Homes. It was the perfect way to kick off the home.

 @3olivesandatwist and I LOVED this staircase by @cuttingedgehomes at The 2017 Designer Show House. Open to the public from 10/7-11/5 and with 20+ designers involved, this Belmont historic home transformation is a MUST SEE.

My friend Beth Daigle, of 3 Olives and a Twist, and I went to "press day" together, excited to get the first look. Before the ribbon cutting, I had the opportunity to photograph my friend and client, Kim Macumber's room. I was so excited for her and boy did she go for it - her green butler's pantry made this small space POP. My favorite part was the moss-padded petal sink by Thompson Traders.

 @kimmacumber my good friend and client has a room in the @Bostonshowhouse this year! I love everything about this butler pantry sink area - the copper petals, the faucet, the moss, the fly towels, and especially the little porcelein bunnies. Congrats Kim, your butler's pantry is a class act

Talk about green - THIS LIVING WALL. Can I have this in my home now please? Tess and Ted Interiors and Anavera Design worked together to make this room cozy, unique, and a one of a kind conversation piece. I don't think I'm alone when I say this room made me want to snuggle up with a blanket, book, and cup of coffee.


Yes to cool blues and purples in the gorgeous kitchen by Kelly Rogers


Mally Skok's colorful table setting in the dining room perfectly complimented the darker paint and hand-screened window treatments.


Nostalgia hit home hard for me when I walked into this bathroom by Linda Lyons with wall to wall Dutch tile. I lived in Holland for 6 months and this was a great nod to traditional Delftware.


Go see more photos over at Beth's blog! 3 Olives and a Twist

The Designer Show House is a must see and put on by the Junior League of Boston. Visit from now until November 5.
For more information, visit


Boston Architectural Photographer | Decorators' Show House Part 3

We are in the final days of the Junior League of Boston Decorators' Show House! We have covered a lot - The Receiving Room, The Grand Dining Room, The Morning Room covered by Beth Daigle, and the talk of the show, the magnificent Kitchen, covered by Kim Macumber

I wanted to wrap up with a few of my favorite rooms from the upstairs. The Study, by Holly Joe Interiors, is exactly the home office I would love to sit in everyday. It is gender neutral, throwing in bits of masculinity with the leather chair and darker details, but brilliantly incorporates femininity with the plants and lighter elements like the glass table and floral window treatment. I LOVE the colors, I have always been draw to the cooler, calming color palette. The textured wall paper seems to be a theme, but I am really thrilled by how it works in this room, it makes me want to dress nicely to work here... maybe a farewell to the work-from-home-in-yoga-pants days?

My favorite bedroom is the "Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" by Sarah Scales. Do I love it so much for the name alone? Maybe, but when I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having one of those regal canopies that I saw in movies. I love that this one has such a fantastical feel, yet keeping it dark for obvious functional purposes. Then you look up into a starry night sky above, which is intricate beadwork all along the roof of the canopy. Gorgeous.

Lastly, The Master Bedroom, by Dibby Flint Design, is just beautifully classic and romantic. Simple and so, so elegant. This sitting area really drew all of my focus, and took over my imagination. I also loved to play dress up as a child, almost on a daily basis, and I can imagine myself playing dress up with vintage gowns and afternoon tea in this very spot.

Only 2 days left to check out the Decorators' Show House!

Check out more rooms from the Show House by Myself, interior designer, Kim Macumber and writer/editor, Beth Daigle

Boston Interior Photography | Junior League of Boston Decorators' Show House

If you haven’t been following along our tour through The Junior League of Boston’s Decorator Show House, you’ll want to start from the beginning! Click here to see our first post about Gerald Pomeroy’s stunning receiving room, then click here for writer and magazine editor, Beth Daigle’s take on the beautiful sunny Morning Room, designed by Theodore and Company. Finally, prepare to be wowed by Vani Sayeed’s red kitchen, covered by interior designer Kim Macumber.

Onward! Today I’d like to draw focus to The Grand Dining Room that lies in the path between the kitchen and the morning room. There are a lot of things to love about this room, (the horse art piece for one), but my favorite is the walls! The woven silk sky-blue wall treatment adds texture, light, and contrast to the existing mahogany. Yet again, we are seeing hints of gold detail come out in this room, and I am loving the Chinese accents, like the porcelain vase shown below.

I am not an interior designer, nor would I ever think of putting an art piece smack in the middle of a window, but to my surprise, it works! If you look closely, you can see the spherical balls reflecting the entire room over and over. The cozy sitting area, perfect for daytime tea, or evening cocktails, is made all the more inviting by pillows and many textures. Can’t you just imagine a modern Chinese tea party here?

And look, it leads you right into the kitchen! (kitchen photo here)

Don’t forget to check back with Kim's blog from yesterday for a glimpse upstairs, and Beth’s from last week if you missed it.

Have a phenomenal long weekend!!! xoxo

The Grand Dining Room was designed by Theo and Isabella, to see more of their work, check them out at

The Show House is going on through June 5th, and you can purchase tickets for $35 at


Boston Interior Photographer | Boston Decorator's Show House

Who doesn’t love a beautifully designed room? When I heard that the 2016 Junior League of Boston Show House was using the historic Nathanial Allen House and allowing the top interior designers of Boston to create 24 uniquely stunning rooms, I couldn’t wait to visit. My friend Beth Daigle, editor of Merrimack Valley Magazine, and blogger for 3olivesandatwist came along to  co-blog about the experience… and what an experience it was walking through this incredibly restored 19th century Greek revival home.

Three months. These interior designers transformed these spaces in three months. Floors, walls, window treatments, furniture, lighting, and even plumbing in some. Each room was so well thought out and different, yet the whole house seemed to have a cohesive flow as you are walking through each room. 

The first two rooms we set foot in, The Receiving Room and The Sitting Room, designed by Gerald Pomeroy Interiors made me want to invite guests over for tea and a garden party. The center table with its massive spring floral arrangement to offset the equally grand decorative plate behind it was the first wow factor. The silk turquoise wallpaper was the second, and the floor to ceiling windows made the room shine with brightness. 

Gold accents everywhere made the room feel regal, and I have to say my favorite detail was the books covered in some sort of white linen paper. What a well thought out touch. The artwork, the colors, the styling, the Greek key detail on the floor, the details, everything came together so perfectly.


Head over to Beth's blog on Monday and interior designer Kim Macumber's blog on Tuesday to get their take on two more rooms.

The Show House is going on through June 5th, and you can purchase tickets for $35 at and you can watch their WCVB-TV 5 shout out here

For more info on Gerald Pomeroy go to

Boston Interior Photographer | Les Fleurs Interior

I have worked with both Sandra and Kerianne from Les Fluers, on two separate occasions, both for Merrimack Valley Home Magazine, and both to photograph each of their stunning interiors. You can see Sandra’s home feature here, and Kerianne’s winter wonderland loft here (I want a loft because of her now).

When we sat down to discuss photographing the interior of the store, I couldn’t wait to start. As I’ve mentioned before, the inside of Les Fleurs makes me feel like I am walking through a live Anthropologie Catalogue. The reclaimed wood, the burlap, the farmhouse textures, I love it.

We met beforehand to talk about how they wanted to use these images and whatwe wanted to display. On the day of the shoot, I have to say, they made my job really easy. Normally an interior photo shoot requires a good amount of rearranging furniture, switching around design elements, moving props in an out, but not on this one. Sandra keeps the inside of the store so fresh, that we really only had to make minor adjustments.

Cate was there to help with all the fine tuning, and no surprise, she was so easy to work with… the Fleurettes have the finest attention to detail. All in all, we came out after a half day, with some solid shots, and a few incredible fresh flower arrangements that were made on the spot by the Fleurettes in minutes.

Boston Interior Photography | Les Fleurs Winter Wonderland Loft

I am a little late on this blog post, but better late than never! I think it is fitting for a pretty snow day anyway...

Merrimack Valley Home Magazine sent interior designer Linda Holt and I to this gorgeous Lawrence loft to photograph our Winter 2015 cover. The loft belonged to Les Fleurs' Event Director, Kerianne, and I literally gasped when we walked in. It was a winter wonderland… and not an in your face red and green Christmas overload… a beautiful wintery, editorial spread waiting to happen. It was everything I could have asked for in winter home décor.

She had greens and winter-whites with subtle flashes of gold and silver everywhere. Every last detail was considered, especially the small finishing touches that made it personal and inviting, such as the books on the table, and the reindeer name tags at every place setting.

Linda and I had a blast photographing the mill building converted into a loft, with the high ceilings and industrial windows (perfect window lighting). Kerianne’s details made it feel special and welcoming too, which is why I think the French press coffee setup that she put out made the cover.

The table setup was out of this world, and we really didn’t need to touch a thing to photograph it. I want these florals in my home all winter long!

You can see the full story in the Winter issue of Merrimack Valley Home Magazine, and you can find more information on Les Fleurs here.

Thanks for reading!

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Merrimack Valley Home Magazine | French Decor and Les Fleurs

Our most recent photo shoot for Merrimack Valley Home Magazine featured the home of Sandra Sigman, owner of Les Fleurs in downtown Andover. I guess it’s to be expected that the greenery and flowers in her home would be outstanding, but the interior design work throughout her home was truly awe-worthy. Right on Lake Cochichewick in North Andover, her home feels like you are walking into an editorial spread, which of course is WHY we were shooting there for the spring issue.

Our focus was her Paris-inspired dining room when shooting there, but her whole home had beautiful rustic French accents. The big light colored chairs and delicate accessories were the perfect compliment to the rich wood and darker tones of the room. Read more about her home in Linda Holt’s article in the Merrimack Valley Home issue, on newsstands in the Merrimack Valley now.

Oh, and those incredible floral arrangements you see? Sandra's “flower shop”, Les Fleurs, isn’t your typical little florist. You walk into the store, and feel like you are walking into an Anthropologie catalogue. The first time I walked in, I immediately wanted to redecorate my home with earth tones, burlap, barn wood, and of course, interesting plants. They have a consultation room that I wish was my dining room (can I take that farm table home with me please??)

Les Fleurs specializes in creating floral arrangements for weddings, events, and homes. They always have the best seasonal arrangements and rare finds for the home and garden.

Check out their blog too!

Boston Architectural Photographer | Kim Macumber Interior Designer (Part 2)

My second shoot with Kim (see our first shoot here), was an entryway that she had designed for a client in Hopkington, MA. The first word that comes to mind when describing this entryway is “Grand”. It was certainly a grand, elegant, striking entryway. VERY different from our first project together, the red room. The doorway was an enormous dark wood door that led into a foyer area that clearly needed a beautiful design to compliment the door itself. Kim designed a round table in the middle, decorated with green, beige, and silver accent pieces of all different heights to compliment the immense height of the entryway itself.

Alternate view of entryway from the dining room. Kim also designed the bathroom in the background

Alternate view of entryway from the dining room. Kim also designed the bathroom in the background

This simple, muted tones are very different from most of Kim's projects, but she did manage to throw in some beautiful pattern to the bathroom, which is so true to her style. This project makes it so clearly evident that Kim is so in tune with what each space needs and how to style it to allow the space to shine.

See more of Kim Macumber's beautiful work

Boston Interior Photographer | Southern Charm with a Colorful Twist

Kim is an interior designer who wanted to work with me. (woohoo!) She designed a high-gloss super-shine red room and wanted me to photograph it ::runs away screaming::

Joking aside, I am really glad I did answer the phone because Kim is so full of life and southern personality, I instantly couldn’t wait to meet her! OF COURSE she had to design a shiny red room with more texture and pattern than I had ever seen in one space. I had to stand there and take it in for a solid couple of minutes. It was so stunning, I was at first unsure how to capture it without just throwing on the widest angle lens I could find. The details and textures were SO important, and having so many of them certainly was a challenge, but with Kim’s expert styling, we slowly dissected the important features and captured the heart of the room.

View of the built-in bookshelf

View of the built-in bookshelf

Kim maximized color, texture, and pattern without making it look cluttered

Kim maximized color, texture, and pattern without making it look cluttered

In the end, we realized we were missing a solid, yet simple detail shot. What detail could we possible photograph in this room that was as exciting as the rest of the room, but easy enough on the eye to fit nicely into the room’s portfolio? Problem solvers that we are, we grabbed the most dominant patterns and textures, and layered them on top of each other to create something of a “mood board” for the rest of the room.

We did some portraits of Kim too for her new website, and I love how this one really shows off her fun personality

We did some portraits of Kim too for her new website, and I love how this one really shows off her fun personality

A Mutual friend, and interior designer, Linda Holt, referred me to Kim, and I am over the moon that she did, because Kim’s work is so unique and versatile, it really kept me on my toes as a photographer! The next shoot with Kim coming up!

You can see more of Kim's stunning work here


Merrimack Valley Home Issue | What Went Into Capturing the Beautiful Interiors, Plus 3 Bonus Photos

I love photographing beautiful interior design. “This issue may be the cover, so keep that in mind when shooting.” This was exciting to hear going into my second home photo shoot for Merrimack Valley Magazine. I was already thrilled to be working on this shoot with Beth Daigle and Linda Holt, so when I arrived and saw the interior of the home we had the privilege of photographing, I died a little inside [in a good way]. There was something very traditional about the decor, but simplified with use of color and modern elements.

Not many people know that Linda used to be a photographer, but it was a real treat to have her eye for design AND photography on this one. You may be thinking there is a chance that two photographers working behind one camera could be a competitive disaster… and in some instances I’m sure that would be the case. Linda and I were on the same page from the beginning and it was immediately a strong partnership working toward the same goal, noticing similar details, and playing off each other’s suggestions. It especially doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes looking out for and understanding how the natural light will photograph.

We spent most of the day dancing around our “cover” shot because the light wasn’t just right, but when it was… ohhh it was.

I think we were also lucky that Sandy, the homeowner was such a gracious host to us. Now because Linda, Beth and I were on a tear, scrutinizing every detail, this meant lots of tweaking and furniture rearranging. Sandy’s furniture is beautiful… and heavy, very heavy. She didn’t mind us moving it around to get a good shot, so of course we decided to move the heaviest piece of furniture in the house {the solid wood coffee table}. Sandy’s husband came home toward the end, and being the gentleman that he is, moved the furniture back into place for us after… lucky us.

Here are some shots that didn't make the issue. If you haven't already, pick up a copy of the issue to read the full article by Alyson Aiello.

The white cabinetry against the dark wood gave an old country feel with an updated twist

The white cabinetry against the dark wood gave an old country feel with an updated twist

Marble back splash to match the marble floor, against dark wood made quite an impact next to the pristine white whirlpool tub.

Marble back splash to match the marble floor, against dark wood made quite an impact next to the pristine white whirlpool tub.

Color details add to the soothing environment

Color details add to the soothing environment

Boston Architectural Photography | Mary Michael O'Hare, Architect and Interior Designer for Beautiful Wenham Home

The first time I met Mary, we had a conversation about her being an architect and the “little” projects she worked on, like the one she was working on at the moment, “just a small bathroom and closet project”. Why all the quotation marks? Because after photographing this project with Mary, I realized how ridiculously humble she is. The bathroom is straight out of a design editorial, and the closet is bigger than most New York apartments… and beautiful, it’s all so beautiful.

Modern white bathroom with custom monogrammed chair

Modern white bathroom with custom monogrammed chair

I knew it was going to be a good day when I walked in and was greeted by two beautiful Welsh Corgis and Betsy, the home owner, who me offered tea right away. Then I walked into the space and didn’t want to leave.

Betsy really got it right hiring an architect with such a keen sense of interior design. Mary created a luxurious feel, but also kept it structured enough to create a sense of ease that you may not normally feel in smaller spaces such as a bathroom or closet.

I think I love her work most because of her attention to detail. A woman after my own heart, she and I must have spent an hour just rearranging the knick-knacks on a shelf.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

The bedroom. Can we just talk about the color and texture of this bedroom for a second? I mean, I had to touch absolutely everything, but that color… if you weren’t calm after soaking in the glorious bathtub, you certainly are now that you walked into your bedroom.

Pull-out nightstand tray

Pull-out nightstand tray

It was clear that the detail shots would be equally as important to this portfolio as the rooms themselves, like the intricate iron work on the closet door and the CHAIR. She found an old chair and personalized it by reupholstering with monogrammed fabric. This chair, with its intricate dark wood, really tied bathroom together.

See the before/after photos below. Mary really hit the nail on the head with this one.













While her website is in process, you can find Mary on Houzz

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