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Merrimack Valley Magazine shoots are always a great creative outlet. Lysa Pelletier is an incredible stylist and we’ve never been disappointed by her vision. Having her and Stephen on set is the perfect balance of collaboration, and while we are always shooting for a specific layout, we get just enough creative freedom to play around a bit too.


We shot at Sage Market and Design, located in downtown Newburyport, and their showroom is stunning. With big windows opening up the room to the bay, the exquisite pieces are showcased with beautiful natural light overlooking the water. Focusing on the idea of including greens in your home during the winter months, we naturally gravitated to the wall of greenery.


Sage’s unique pieces popped against the lush backdrop. Moving on with our theme, we continued using natural elements in the dining room table shot. We love how Lysa styled the smooth tableware, the natural edges, and the plush fur for the tablecloth.


We always have a lot of fun on these shoots, and that is because of our team. Everyone pitches in, everyone has a voice, and no one takes it too seriously... unless they are making sure I don't fall when I am dangling from a ladder. These are some of the images that didn't make the cut, but make sure to pick up the January issue to see our favorites that did make it in the issue.


Lysa Pelletier is represented Anchor Artists

Boston Interior Photographer | Southern Charm with a Colorful Twist

Kim is an interior designer who wanted to work with me. (woohoo!) She designed a high-gloss super-shine red room and wanted me to photograph it ::runs away screaming::

Joking aside, I am really glad I did answer the phone because Kim is so full of life and southern personality, I instantly couldn’t wait to meet her! OF COURSE she had to design a shiny red room with more texture and pattern than I had ever seen in one space. I had to stand there and take it in for a solid couple of minutes. It was so stunning, I was at first unsure how to capture it without just throwing on the widest angle lens I could find. The details and textures were SO important, and having so many of them certainly was a challenge, but with Kim’s expert styling, we slowly dissected the important features and captured the heart of the room.

View of the built-in bookshelf

View of the built-in bookshelf

Kim maximized color, texture, and pattern without making it look cluttered

Kim maximized color, texture, and pattern without making it look cluttered

In the end, we realized we were missing a solid, yet simple detail shot. What detail could we possible photograph in this room that was as exciting as the rest of the room, but easy enough on the eye to fit nicely into the room’s portfolio? Problem solvers that we are, we grabbed the most dominant patterns and textures, and layered them on top of each other to create something of a “mood board” for the rest of the room.

We did some portraits of Kim too for her new website, and I love how this one really shows off her fun personality

We did some portraits of Kim too for her new website, and I love how this one really shows off her fun personality

A Mutual friend, and interior designer, Linda Holt, referred me to Kim, and I am over the moon that she did, because Kim’s work is so unique and versatile, it really kept me on my toes as a photographer! The next shoot with Kim coming up!

You can see more of Kim's stunning work here