Boston Architectural Photography | Children's Hospital Boston

I have been shooting projects with Walsh Brothers, Inc, since I first expanded my landscape photography to include architecture in 2010. I was honored when they asked me to capture the new wing at Children’s Hospital Boston, not only because it was a big project, but because of the purpose of the building itself. How do you make a hospital environment comfortable and kid-friendly?? It's all in the details.


The new MRI room has a unique design including lots of surrounding visual elements and a lighting scheme that fills the room with one color at a time or many.

Pretty much every room, hallway, and corner has artwork and strong visuals for the kids, and the playroom even features a colorful gelled floor that changes as you step on it.


Perhaps the greatest feature is the courtyard. Although serious precautions have to be in place for kids to enjoy this space, it is a lively space with lots of greenery and aesthetically pleasing curves in the design. The sunlight bouncing around the glass walls makes it a warm place to be even in New England’s unpredictable spring.

Just as beautiful after the sun goes down, the added lighting really enhances the beauty of the architecture and takes you out of the typical hospital environment.


Oh, and the roof shot... excellent idea but terrifying execution laying on my belly sliding further and further out over the edge to line up my shot. Harness anyone?

Architect: Payette

Construction: Walsh Brothers, Inc

Acoustics Consultant: Acentech