A Woman and her Pup

When I received a call from a woman about having a photo shoot with her dog, I’m not going to lie, I flinched as if a ball just came whizzing towards my face. I’ve had family portrait sessions with dogs before, and while I love dogs, it can be like adding in extra toddlers.

Sylvia came walking into my studio dressed in pink with her pup, Sofia, in her purse and enough poise for the both of them. Her photos would be a gift for her partner, and she knew EXACTLY what she wanted out of them.

We hit it off instantly and based on her personality I wasn’t surprised by how much fun she had in front of the camera… or how much fun I had photographing her.


She took my direction with such ease and confidence, and we were able to form a great connection, and create some fantastic images. So often both photographers and subjects forget that it there has to be some form of collaboration, some connection to really create great images.


In the end we were both really happy with the outcome, and I feel lucky I was able to meet and work with such an empowering woman. Sylvia owns Shaperella in downtown Andover, MA. Go visit her and you’ll fall in love with her, and probably with yourself too.