Style Guide

Style Guide

This photo shoot is meant to capture your personality, including individuality and style, so let your outfit choice reflect your personal style. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing outfits:

Think coordinating, not matching. Color is in! So don’t be afraid to embrace it. A three color scheme works well as a foundation. This can be two neutrals and a pop of bright color, three neutrals, or or three bold colors that complement each other. If color scares you, start minimal, with an accent color. Or, avoid it completely and go with a monochromatic look, using varying shades of one neutral. Different colors work well with different complexions, so try to stay with tones that match your coloring. The only color family I would suggest avoiding are the florescents, they can be harsh on a sunny day, and unless you are in a color run obstacle course, I would leave them at home or in the 80s.

 My friend and incredible stylist, Lysa, stopped into the new studio last week for some updated "headshots" When you work with a stylist, chances are strong that the shoes need to be in the shot

When putting together outfits for a family, start with one outfit that you love (mom, it’s perfectly ok to start with YOU), and build everybody’s outfit from this one.

Layering pieces like cardigans, jackets, scarves, and jewelry is an easy way to add interest and dimension. (Bonus tip: They are also a great way to add in an accent color AND give you multiple looks without wardrobe changes).

Incorporate pattern and textures that fit well together.

Wear well fitting clothing. Not too tight, and nothing baggy. If you aren’t comfortable in the clothes that you’ve chosen, it will show. And if you can’t walk in those pants, don’t wear them!

To keep the look timeless, try to avoid trendy clothing with words, graphics or logos.


Weather: We live in New England so we have to be prepared for a 40 degree day in May and a 90 degree day in October. Without ruining your wardrobe plan entirely, dress appropriately for the weather that day. If you planned for a sundress and it is 40 degrees out, pair it with a jacket, hat, scarf, and/or a cute pair of tights and boots. If it turns out to be 90 degrees and you had layers and sweaters for everyone, see if you can simplify a bit by making the sweaters removable, or plan on a 2nd look that allows for less bulk. If it’s rainy, feel free to prepare for puddle jumping and snuggling under the umbrella.


Dress for our location! We put so much emphasis on choosing the perfect location, so let’s style it appropriately. If we are shooting in the city, feel free to dress it up a bit more than you normally would. If you plan on wearing heels to your beach session, make sure you also plan on kicking them off as soon as we get to the sand. If we are shooting a lifestyle session in your home, feel free to dress as comfy cozy as you normally would when lounging at home.


Flaunt your best asset. We all have parts of our body that we are self-conscious about, but let’s focus on the parts that we love to show off! If you are not comfortable showing off your arms, wear sleeves instead. On the other hand, if you work hard for those tris and bis, flaunt em! If you are more of a leg girl, show off those stems. Feel like you’ve lost your waist? Try a high waisted pant or a belted dress. Know your body type and try different styles to find what flatters your figure. Heels always make your legs look longer (pro tip: wear flats and bring heels if you’re not used to walking in them)

Let creativity flow and individuality shine! If you have a piece or prop that you are dying to incorporate, but don’t know how, tell me and we can use this as our foundation to start brainstorming. Let’s focus on what makes you YOU. If your kid loves hats and sunglasses, go with it, you’ll be happy you captured what makes her, HER.

No matter what style you end up choosing, don't worry about perfection. Keep it fun, try not to stress, and ALWAYS feel free to text or email me your clothing options laid out before our session! I love helping out when I can and being a part of the process.

 This time of year, Sundays are usually computer days, but it's so worth it when I am proofing sessions like these.