Senior Rep Application

Apply to become a class of 2017 Senior Rep for Emily O'Brien Photography!


Want to be a part of our Senior Rep team for class of 2020?!


What fun stuff do you get out of it?

  • Senior Model Group Shoot: This is a big one. It is a super fun day of shooting with the other senior models. Hair and makeup by Robert Jason Salon is included. We choose a theme, style it, and get to play all day in and out of the studio. It is mandatory fun :)

  • Reveal Party: This is where you'll see all your photos from our group shoot

  • Digital images from the session to share on social media and with your friends

  • Custom app for your phone with the images from our session

  • Special gifts for participating

  • Gifts for every referral

  • Opportunities to win prizes throughout the year

What is expected of you?

  • Regularly use one of your Senior Rep photos as your profile/cover photo on social media throughout the year

  • Be the voice of the studio! Help promote and spread the word in a creative way

  • Show off your photos and refer your friends

  • Parental permission to participate


To apply, please fill in the information below

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Use your imagination and include details such as outfits, location, hair/makeup, props, people, what you would be doing, etc.
If accepted, do you agree not to participate in other senior rep programs? *
Senior reps cannot be involved in other senior rep programs
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