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Haley is a personal trainer, beach body coach, mom to two beautiful little girls, and co-owner (with her husband) of PACE Fitness in Plainville, MA. And soon she will be a nurse on top of all that! To say she knows a thing or two about living a healthy life is quite the understatement. This girl lives THE healthy lifestyle. What I love about Haley is that her philosophy for achieving a healthy body doesn’t involve two-a-days or hours everyday at the gym. She believes in the 30 minute a day workout that everyone can make time for… and CLEAN EATING. She is actually living proof that this works.

For Haley, this photo shoot has to encompass a lot of things – she is well rounded in health and fitness and that’s important for her loyal clients and fans to know. Beauty, strength, versatility, and FUN are a few key words we were going for.

Haley doing yoga with her oldest daughter

Haley doing yoga with her oldest daughter

We started warming up with some yoga, and incorporated her daughter, Lilly into a few shots. Haley is a strong believer that just because you have the kids and can’t get to the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout… include your kids!

You’d think someone with a body like this would walk around in their bikini all day everyday (I would anyway), but Haley’s humility and modesty is so sweet. She was a little shy, and I was lucky enough to capture some genuine giggles between shots.

We had to get some shots in PACE fitness, the gym where her and her husband do personal and small group training. I LOVED the purple wall, and Haley looked pretty bad a$$ posing against it. Time kind of got away from me on this photo shoot, but Haley was so fun to work with, and I really wanted to make sure we captured her many fitness personalities. (scroll to the bottom for video)

I love Haley’s fitness philosophies, she makes it sound so simple. Clean eating 80% of the time, and 30 minutes a day. She truly believes that this tone and muscle definition is possible for any average person.

Haley on healthy eating:

If your diet consists mostly of unhealthy, processed foods, you won’t see results. The 80/20 rule applies here again. At least 80% of your diet must consist of healthy, whole foods if you want to see your abs.”

Haley on our photo shoot:

"I wanted my photos to be more than photos. I wanted someone who could capture my personality and the idiosyncrasies of my expressions and body language. My goal was to come across as approachable and non intimidating and she did just that. The moment she walked in I felt at ease, I felt comfortable and able to be myself."

fitness beauty shot

fitness beauty shot

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