What Is The Best Thing You Can Hand Down To Your Kids?

FAMILY ALBUMS! It’s no secret I LOVE albums. I love all forms of printed photos, but I really really love albums. Admittedly, I am a book person. I was resistant to my (now beloved) Kindle, it’s just so convenient, but I still can’t wait to get my hands on a good book I can turn the pages of.

Do you remember those big, sticky page photo albums our parents had? Yes they are clunky as heck, but there is something special about flipping through the curated pages and seeing the story of Christmas, or someone’s birthday. Much more special than flipping through a hard drive.

Today, more than ever before, it’s so easy to take snapshot…after snapshot…after snapshot, until you end up with a million photos on your phone (that is hopefully also backed up to a hard drive). Having our photos digitally is super important, but having the special ones curated and printed in a beautiful, (archival) leatherbound album that you can hand down to your kids, and their grandkids, is an incredible gift.


Images boxes (shown below) are another fun “album style” way to print, display, and archive your photos too!