Boston Interior Photographer | Lowell Home Goes From Neutral to turquoise

One thing I love about working with designers is how passionate they are about design; they are able to find what makes the homeowner special and unique, and reflect it into the home. This shoot was no exception. Darlene Allen had finished a complete home design for a dear client of her’s in Lowell, MA. Accenting the client’s personality and connection to dragonflies, Darlene incorporated cool blues, warm greens, and natural textures in her sleek design. Your eyes just naturally draw across the living room, into the kitchen, which perfectly highlights the open-concept space Darlene has created.


 Every detail was thought about and planned, especially the artwork. Darlene often incorporates paintings created by the talented Elizabeth Poger, which are featured when you walk through the entryway. (B) (C) Of course, any home design shoot would not be complete without a pop of color and some organic texture provided by the exceptional flowers at Les Fleurs. Peonies and hydrangea, scattered throughout the house added a nice finishing touch to the images we created. (D) (E) Even Bella got in on the fun and showed us how such a sweet girl she is, and patiently sat for some photos in the office. (F) It was like the carpet was picked just to compliment Bella’s sleek coat!