Boston Interior Photography | Spring Color with Flowers!


Flowers and spring, yes please! When Beth, editor of Merrimack Valley Home Magazine, came to me and said we were planning a colorful floral spread for the spring home issue, we immediately started brainstorming interesting locations and vintage furniture we could incorporate. Beth came up with a color scheme using lots of vibrant pinks, and a pop of turquoise.

When our stylist, Lysa, introduced us to Melissa’s Perfect Piece Furniture, we fell in love! She refinishes furniture using a distressing technique and it seemed to be exactly what we needed to compliment the floral arrangements we had in mind. We went through the antique pieces she already had in stock and settled on a kids’ rolltop desk, which Melissa custom created for us using our theme.

The day of the shoot, we started by dissecting some of the arrangements to create the look we wanted. Melissa’s home is basically her showroom, so it was easy to create a well lit neutral dining room setup for our still life florals… and that clock. LOVE that clock.

As the shoot was winding down, we had the idea to create these deconstructed arrangements. We ended up loving the look and how it complimented the other images for the publication. Below you can see what went into creating this look. 

And of course we had to improvise on a harness, since Melissa didn't happen to have one hanging from her ceiling. Is a scarf around the waist safe enough? Sure! Teamwork folks.


And a few more behind the scenes snapshots because those are always fun...

I honestly can’t emphasize enough how important the team is to the actual creative process. I have so much fun with these ladies, and each one of them brings something unique and essential to the table, including their personalities :)