Boston Family Photographer | Maddie's Six Month Portraits

Tina and Ben contacted me over the summer for 6 month portraits of their beautiful baby, Maddie. They really wanted to find a photographer they could stick with for the long haul, and who could artistically document all of Maddie’s milestones as a growing child. They were up front with me that they were shopping around for family portrait photographers (nothing like a good challenge), so I said we could meet for a pre-consultation, no strings attached. Come to find out, we were neighbors in the South End, in Boston, so of course that made me want to court them even more, not to mention that when we met, I discovered that they were an incredibly good looking family. Tina and Ben have a great eye for art and design, so creating custom wall art was a top priority. Location was also important, as they wanted to choose somewhere we could possibly return to during different seasons and still capture beautiful images. (Are they my perfect clients so far, or what?)

We chose to shoot at Lyman Estate in Waltham, a historic and public piece of land with greenhouses that are open year round. They took my styling advice and showed up wearing well coordinated outfits for our location.

They were so relaxed and easygoing throughout the whole session, which always yields the best results from a family portrait session. Their stress-free attitude also kept Maddie happy and playful during our session.


We had our viewing session at their home and carefully chose images that would look amazing on their walls, and would allow them to add artwork from other portrait sessions for years to come.

Update: We had Maddie's one year session in the snow just a few weeks ago, so check back for those!

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