Boston Portrait Photographer | Featuring Summer Photos from Frank Pereira of Ten12 Design

I loved seeing everyone's Summer Photo submissions! I may have to run another one at the end of summer, because let's face it, summer is not even close to over. I'll be squeezing in beach days and weekend getaways until the end of September, and I'm sure I'm not alone there.

The winner of the Summer Photo contest is Graphic Designer Frank Pereira of Ten12 Design! Read about Ten12 below, and go check out their website at

"When a client comes to Ten12 Designs, they simply bring a vision; Frank Pereira, owner of Ten12, then uses his endless passions and commitment to excellence to create a one of a kind product. What sets Ten12 apart from typical companies is that Ten12 does not look at a project with the mentality of completing the project to the clients’ expectation as quickly as possible in order to move onto the next project; instead Ten12 makes each project a personal representation of the client as well as the company and then goes a mile further to look for ways to take the project and clients business to the next level through marketing and social media. Truly making Ten12 a one stop shop for small entrepreneurs."

Here's Frank's gorgeous summer photo!

Photo by Frank Pereira of Ten12 Design

Photo by Frank Pereira of Ten12 Design