What will our shoot be like?

Family portrait sessions are 1-2 hours. Before our session, we will have a consultation so we can get a feel for your family dynamic and really customize the shoot to your needs and interests. We will also discuss choosing a location, clothing, and products.

What if I don't know what I want?

Most people don't, not right away. The consultation is important so I can get a sense of your interests. At the view and order session after the shoot, I will present you with custom options I have created, and guide you through the process so all your questions are answered and you are confident in your decisions.


What should I Wear?

This photo shoot is meant to capture your family, including personality and fashion choices. helpful tips to keep in mind:

Think coordinating, not matching. Start with three colors, make sure one is neutral, and build your outfits from there. Different shades of one color work wonderfully together.
Don’t be afraid of color! Add a bright accent color using accessories or layers
Wear well fitting clothing, nothing too tight, and nothing baggy. To keep the look timeless, try to avoid logos. Solid colors work best for groups. See my blog post on styling for more information


My kids hate photos, what if they won't smile?

Kids are unpredictable. We can't plan on your two year old's tantrum five minutes into the shoot, or your teenager's bad mood, but it will pass, and we can be patient and willing to compromise to achieve the natural expressions we are after. Kids pick up on stress easily, so maintaining a laid back and fun atmosphere is the most important thing we can do. 

Can I just get a disc of images?

My service to you is not complete until your photos are hanging on the wall or beautifully arranged in an album. Your personalized portrait session is the first half of your experience. The second half is creating a product or wall design that is perfect for you, and delivering stunning, retouched photos.

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